How To Shrink Jeans?

Updated: Apr 17

You receive a birthday gift from a friend and it turns out to be the jeans you always wanted. Yet, these jeans are a bit loose for your body. But you are too reticent to ask your friend for a change of size.

Your favorite jeans are already not suitable for you because somehow you lose weight. Since then, you are feeling anxious about it and seeking a solution to this problem.

Worry no more! You won't need a tailor, as we have compiled the best ways to shrink jeans for you. All you have to do is shrink your jeans back to the old size with heat.

By shrinking jeans, you can extend the lifespan of your favorite denim by a lot. After that, you can always go to the party without worrying about stretching out your jeans.

Do Jeans Shrink in the Wash or Dryer?

A lot of jeans lovers have always wondered: do jeans shrink in the wash or do jeans shrink in the dryer? The truth is jeans can shrink in both wash and dryer at high temperature settings.

How to Permanently Shrink Your Jeans

Overall, there are three common ways to shrink stretched out jeans easily at home as follows:

Wash and Dryer at High Temperatures

Most people shrink jeans with a wash and dryer. The easiest way is to wash and dry jeans at the hottest temperatures possible. The following steps explain how to shrink denim and make your jeans tighter:

1. Throw the jeans you wish to reduce into the washing machine.

2. Fill the washer with hot water.

3. Set the washing machine to the hottest temperatures.

4. Select the heavy-duty wash option.

5. Leave it running until the time is up.

6. After you take the jeans out of the washer, immediately put them into the dryer.

7. Set your dryer to the hottest temperature and run for 10 minutes. Make sure the jeans stay heated during the entire process.

8. You can now hang them to prevent wrinkling.

Boiling Water

Some households don't have a washing machine or dryer, but there are still ways to shrink your jeans by boiling denim. This is how you do it:

1. Prepare a pot or cauldron.

2. Fill it with hot water, place your jeans inside the pot and heat it.

3. Let them boil for 10 minutes.

4. Then, remove the jeans from the pot and hang them dry right away as you don't want to leave wrinkles on your jeans.

Hot Water

Yes, you heard me right! Hot water can also shrink your jeans. Remember that denim jeans are easy to contract at hot temperatures. You can easily apply this technique in your laundry room or bathroom, the steps are as follows: 1. Begin this process by preparing hot water that would be comfortable for your skin. 2. Pour it onto your jeans while you wear them, or bathe in the hot bathtub and soak yourself into it. 3. Make sure to submerge the jeans thoroughly. 4. You can use soap if you like as it will not affect the process. 5. Next, let the jeans dry on you. These will give jeans the curves that fit on you.

How Much will Jeans Shrink in Hot Water? Most denim is made out of 100% cotton, and cotton fabric is the easiest to shrink in hot temperatures. Therefore jeans will reduce 20% of their actual size at high temperatures.

Does Denim Shrink When Blended with Spandex or Polyester? The jeans made out of denim with spandex will shrink to their original size. For spandex to constrict, the temperature needs to be between 155 and 175 degrees Fahrenheit. That is how to shrink jeans with spandex. If you combine cotton with polyester, the result will be minimal. It will shrink only under 5% of its size.

Can You Shrink Jeans in a Washing Machine Without a Dryer? The jeans still contract, but it will be less effective due to insufficient heat.

Can Jeans Shrink in the Dryer Alone? Jeans shrink in dryer, but only as a supplemental outcome because the denim needs to be wet to contract efficiently.

Do Jeans Shrink Over Time? It is possible to shrink jeans over time. The process depends on the way you wear, hang, wash, dry and treat your jeans in your daily routine.

Do Jeans Shrink in a Cold Wash? No, the jeans will retain their size if you wash them in a cold wash.

Can Jeans Shrink Without Any Damage? The cotton fabric of jeans can hold up even at high temperatures without breaking down.

How to Shrink a Specific Area of Jeans

How to Shrink Jeans Waist Permanently Each body differs in the physique. Some people have wide hips and slimmer legs, while others have thick thighs with thinner waists. As a result, they tend to have trouble selecting jeans that fit them well. Good thing that there is an effective technique on how to shrink jeans waist. 1. First, get hot water, and moisten the waist area of the jeans. 2. Set the iron to cotton mode and run through the wet surface until it is dry. Note: remember not to stay on the same spot for too long as you do not want your jeans to be scorched. This is a practical way on how to shrink the waist of jeans.

How to Shrink the Legs of Jeans Reducing the legs of your denim is not so different from shrinking the waist of jeans. But here is the simple way to do it: 1. First, bring hot water and dampen the legs of jeans. 2. Turn on the iron, set it to cotton mode and iron the wet part until it is dry. 3. Hang the jeans and let them cool down slowly.

How to Shrink Jean Shorts Ever wondered how to shrink denim shorts? It's basically the same process as how to tighten jeans, because they both have the same denim fabric that contracts at high temperatures. You can use the wash and dryer technique, boiling water, or hot water method as you like. There are flexible and simple approaches on how to shrink jeans shorts.

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