Site modeling is when models provide photographs of themselves to be used promotionally on websites and social media platforms. Site models are responsible for getting their own images out there in order to get noticed, and it involves a lot of hard work and dedication. Learning how the process works and arming yourself with some helpful tips and pointers will give you a competitive edge, and you can be well on your way to becoming a site model.

  • Upload an awesome profile picture to each of your accounts to get you noticed.[1]

  • Download all of the corresponding apps to your mobile phone, as well, so that you can interact and upload photos while you're on the go.

  • For your own safety, keep personal information to a minimum on your site modeling profiles.

When you first start your accounts, be sure to add plenty of friends to get the ball rolling. Definitely add site model agencies. However, avoid adding people randomly and then never interacting with them. Cultivate relationships through these social media platforms and engage with your audience. Spend time commenting on other peoples' posts, photos and etc.

  • Once you've got a healthy amount of friends and followers, your visibility will be raised significantly. Friends, fans and followers will start coming to you at that point.

  • Be sure to continue interacting with them as much as possible. Think of these interactions as part of your job as a site model.[3]

Website editors and bloggers are the people on the lookout for site models, so do your homework and find out the names of people associated with some of your favorite sites. Add them as friends and start following them. “Like” and comment on their posts and you'll catch their eye.

  • Once you do catch the eye of editors and bloggers, they will start “liking” and commenting on your photos, too.

  • Editors and bloggers tend to have large followings on social media platforms, so when they start interacting with you, it will make you more visible to all of their fans and followers.[4]

void uploading a lot of photos that look too similar. For instance, if you took ten pictures of yourself doing the same pose and wearing the same clothes, just add the best one out of the lot. Don't upload all of them.

  • Make sure you upload photographs with a variety of different looks, moods, backgrounds and poses.

  • Site model agencies are all looking for something different, so uploading visually diverse photos will get you more widespread attention.

The most important aspect of modeling for Lula's Online Boutique is 

Aim for quality over quantity. Always take clear, crisp photos and use good lighting. Natural lighting is generally the most flattering, but experiment with other sources.[5] Strive to get the most professional looking shots that you can.[6] Most site models use their cell phones to take the majority of pictures they post online, so take advantage of the countless effects that apps can offer.[7]

  • Make sure to take diverse looking photos. Get shots of different angles and looks to maximize your chances of being noticed by a wider variety of agencies, editors and bloggers.

  • Never post blurry or amateurish photos on your social media profiles. These will get you noticed for all of the wrong reasons.

Hone your makeup skills. Practice lots of different looks and application techniques until you figure out what works best for you. For a camera-ready look, experiment with high definition foundations – these were created to make people look great on camera.[11] Wear bronzer along your cheekbones to highlight your facial structure. This is called contouring and it looks great on camera.

  • Get a good makeup remover so that your face will be spotless after washing up. This will prevent breakouts caused by leftover makeup residue.

  • Use oil absorbing sheets in between shots, especially if you have oily skin. These will eliminate shine from your face without messing up your makeup.

Announce to your audience that you are wearing items from Lula's Online Boutique.  At the same time, if you wish, sign up for the affiliate program and when your friends shop and use your code, you get paid a commission of the sales.

Lula's Online Boutique does not pay you to model, we allow you to keep the clothing as pay for the advertising you do for us.


This agreement can be terminated at any time without reason or cause.   Models are allowed to choose one item each month from our stores and the choice will be voted on by our staff as to purchase the item or not.  Photos are required to be posted on all social media platforms that you have and with the statement that you recommend Lula's Online Boutique.